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In 1995, Hash began a small bridal business. Five years later, she connected with Philippe Elkoubi, now her business partner, and launched a signature collection of handmade and ready-to-wear pieces, inspired by her whimsical muse: 14-year-old Parisian, Lou Liza Lesage.

In 2001, Anne Valerie Hash presented her first ready-to-wear collection on the Paris couture circuit, where she continues to show. And in spring 2007, Bergdorf Goodman was the first to snap up Hash’s new handbag line of buttery soft satchels trimmed with temininetrills.

The Look

Her quirky, deconstructed looks – a dress crafted out of tailored men’s trousers, in particular – generated considerable buzz. But instead of pushing for megabrand status, Hash has kept her operation relatively small scale. Still, her masculine-feminin a esthetic – that’s gonemore girlies as of late – has cultivated a loyal following globally.

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