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Anjara García Gómez

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Anjara García Gómez


Anjara has her origins in Seville, Andalucia. The name from the brand corresponds to her creator, Anjara García a nowadays woman who makes a really good representation from the universal values and the internacional vocation rom the brand.

Anjara creates fashion, improving and giving something more than just clothing items, trying to go out from conventionality and comercial options.Anjara try to reinvent new ways of expresion and comunication.

With a solid distribution in Spain, the brand is having a quick expansion. It also counts with exclusive selling spots in Canada, Grece, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Italy between many others. In a short time Anjara is planning to expand her spots on the United States, England, Arabs Emirats and China.

The Look

Anjara´s philosophy is based on three basic values very notorious on the Mediterranean: Feminity, Naturness, Distintion
These three values are always down the idea of the femenine instinct being percieved and recognized on everything around the brand: the atmosphere on the stores, the image from every campaing, every detail, end treat with the costumers.
They understand feminity as an universal concept, englobing the selfconfidence, the passional strenght and a very personal style derived from pure instinct of women.
This concept gives sense to these collections wich are designed and created for women all around the world, who shares the same intinctive language.
Anjara´s women are women without any complex, with a vitality that is felt and you can see in her eyes. Women who know how to live life with intensity, anywhere, anytime, but are not willing to give up comfort offered by the natural fibers and original cuts.
It is all about movement cuts, sexy clothes made with organic shapes quality natural fibers.
Anjara´s fashion is not just different because of it´s strenght and originality, it also seams to be confortable at the same time that is elegant.

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