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In 1984 Angel Schlesser designed his first menswear collection followed by a women�s wear collection in 1888.

In 1996 he opened his first store in Madrid, which was followed by further stores in Bilbao, Valencia, Santander, Seville and Granada.

The formula, shops and some franchises, allows the enterprise growth since its beginnings. Situated in ten Spanish cities, the company has its flagship in Madrid, in one of the best neighborhoods of the capital.

The design and tailoring of clothes and accessories is not the brand�s limit. In the late 90�s, the brand launches a perfumery and bath line for woman with has entered not only the national area, but also the international market with exceptional approval.

The company expansion found no bounds in the perfume industry. After his first success, in 2003, and every year since then, he brings out a jewellery collection with very well defined lines made of gold, quartz, amethyst or onix among other materials.

The Look

Schlesser�s concept is clear: extremely feminine clothes designed for urban women whose main desire is to be comfortable. Simple, updated and sophisticated design that can be translated as a functional stylishness.
Each season, the most traditional textures are mixed with new materials which concede the brand a trendy style with new shapes and volumes.


2000 Angel Schlesser Femme (W)
2001 Angel Schlesser Homme (M)
2005 Angel Schlesser Essential (W)
2006 Angel Schlesser Essential for Men (M)
2007 sprit de Gingembre Pour Femme (W)
2007 Esprit de Gingembre Pour Homme (M)
2009 Angel Schlesser Homme Oriental Edition (M)
2009 Angel Schlesser Oriental Edition II (W)

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