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Amichi is a Spanish fashion brand that designs and distributes women�s, men's and kids' wear.

Amichi was created in 1982 by the Amichi family. Just three years later, the very first franchise was established, pioneering this distribution system in Spain. From that point on, the opening of new stores, both at home and abroad, was a cornerstone of its business policy.

The domestic consolidation of the Amichi brand turned it into one of the most profitable fashion labels in the Spanish market. It now has 130 stores all over the country: 74 of its own and 56 under franchise. The firm�s current growth and consolidation plans are set to give these figures an extra boost.

Global expansion and consolidation has been another key to Amichi ambition right from the start, one which has been achieved through franchising and department store corners. It now has 9 outlets in Portugal, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Latvia, and plans to enter new markets in Europe and some parts of South America.

Another constant concern for Amichi is product diversification. Some of its new product lines have been launched through agreements with other firms. Myrurgia, for instance, produces and distributes several fragrances for the fashion house, two of which have received �FIFI� awards for perfumery and cosmetics. It also has eyewear production and distribution agreements with Multi�pticas and Sun Planet.

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