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AMBRA CORSETTERIA originated from the precious and enticing mineral fossil, amber, inspiring the product lines. This also underlines the will to identify an ITALIAN PRODUCT with an ITALIAN NAME in a field where xenomania influenced most Italian firms working in the same sector.

For AMBRA corsetry making is a real work of art. For this reason delegating production and/or assemblage phases externally would alter the concept of the handmade quality product. All the stages of production are realised in the single factory based in Alba: From the starting idea, the vision and selection of materials, to the stylistic creation, the realisation of samples, the wearability and modelling tests, and the production, as well as the cleaning, the revision, and the final control of the articles. This is possible, of course, thanks to the precious work of reliable and truly motivated staff. In the era of globalisation, where production plants are located abroad and the competition of low-cost non-European producers is getting serious what makes an AMBRA product stand-out, is the exclusive and irremissible character of the real Made in Italy, or better still, exclusively handmade in Alba.

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