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The story of Ambiguous started in the mid 90�s as with the simple idea of �How to make a living doing something that makes you happy�. In this case, making clothing your friends want to wear. All our friends seemed to either be Artists, Musicians,

Skateboarders, Snowboarders or Surfers. So that�s what they based the company on.

The raw, fresh clothes gained an underground following within the skateboarding community and would eventually attract Japanese kids and the attention of the business world. In 2005 Ambiguous moved to a new location giving the company freedom to expand their line and begin creating synergy around the growing brand. In 2009 Ambiguous was on the move again this time to it�s own facility in California to create an artistic

work environment and creative hot spot for the brand to grow. An office was also opened in Europe to expand the brand internationally. Once both new offices where set up the brand has brought in several new Artists and talented Athletes to make the brand stronger than ever.

�The future of Ambiguous is simply good clothing, good friends and good times �

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