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Alicia P. is one of New York City�s most innovative jewelry brands. The designer uses her talent to create lightweight suede with semi precious stones and beads necklaces and earrings. She also designs hand painted tee shirts designs for both men and women.

The Look

Alicia's hand-painted clothing consists of intricately arranged letters, shapes, and lines, through the use of washable fabric paint. She creates many of the designs using an individual's name or whatever is requested. The printed name produces an intricate shape or shapes on the material, making each final product unique, but also uniform to her particular style.
Alicia's suede and beaded jewelry are not just single or multi-stranded suede cords with a few beads on it. These pieces are literally works of art, in which she intertwines crystals and semi-precious beads into her lightweight suede creations.

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