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founded by

Alfred Sung

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Shivas Watches Inc.

The Look

The Alfred Sung collection of high caliber watches for both men and women draws its inspiration from every day’s natural beauty. At the heart of each collection is the solid foundation made from high-grade stainless steel, built to perform at the highest levels. All Alfred Sung pieces are not only attention grabbing but also subtle in the minds of its barer. Inspired by modern day classics our vision for the future is to bring fourth an elegant collection that lasts for many generations to come.


1986 Sung (W)
1988 Pure (W)
1989 Sung Homme (M)
1990 Encore (W)
1991 Sung Spa (W)
1995 Forever (W)
1999 Pure Moment (W)
2000 Shi (W)
2002 Hei (M)
2003 Sha (W)
2003 Sung Day Mist (W)
2003 Paradise Homme (M)
2003 Paradise (W)
2005 Jewel (W)
2005 Mei (W)
2006 Joya (W)
2006 Bai (W)
2006 Bijou (W)
2009 Always (W)

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