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Alexander McQueen & Puma


Alexander McQueen Puma is an apparel and accessories collaboration of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen and German-based sportswear brand Puma since 2005.

The Look

Unexpected and unique, Alexander McQueen PUMA defines a new provocative horizon in Sport Fashion. Founded on the union of tradition and technology, the collection juxtaposes influences delivering a visually contemporary line that is conceptually sophisticated, powerful and intricately crafted.


Man by Puma (M)
Woman by Puma (W)
2002 Puma Man (M)
2002 Puma Woman (W)
2003 Flowing Man (M)
2003 Flowing (W)
2004 Jamaica Man (M)
2004 Jamaica Woman (W)
2006 Puma Create (W)
2006 Puma Create Man (M)
2006 Puma Limited Edition Man (M)
2006 Puma Limited Edition Woman (W)
2007 Puma Aqua Woman (W)
2007 Puma Aqua Man (M)
2007 Puma I�m Going Man (M)
2007 Puma I�m Going Woman (W)
2008 Flowing Free Man (M)
2008 Flowing Free Woman (W)
2008 Jamaica� Woman (W)
2008 Jamaica� Man (M)
2009 Urban Motion for Him (M)
2009 Urban Motion for Her (W)
2010 Animagical Man (M)
2010 Animagical Woman (W)

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