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Alberto Guardiani was founded in 1940 by Luigi and Dino Guardiani, two brothers. Initially, they were engaged in manufacturing men's shoes under the symbol centaur branded Nuova Centauro (it still exists, together with the new brand). Alberto, the son of Dino, took over the business in 1972 and now, the brand is one of the best Italian company manufacture shoes for men, women and kids. Accessories are sold also.

A pair of Alberto Guardiani average prices ranging from $200 to $400 or more for men shoes whilst women shoes prices ranging from $70 to $180 or more depending on the specific style and season. Made in Italy and innovation, with an international mission, Alberto Guardiani operates its high-end stores in Milan, Naples, Rome, Baku, Budapest, Dubai, Moscow, Praha, Riga and Zagreb.

The Look

Perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Alberto Guardiani collections are made in the style of smart casual and some designs deserve attention and its worth to have a detailed look at such as the Alberto Guardiani lipstick-themed heels, fashion can be really awesome and unusual. Alberto Guardiani strictly adheres to the traditions in the creation of shoes like the classic lines, the perfect cut, comfortable fit and everything thought upon in details. The brand is in immaculate performance image of the English dandy, which is popular with men. Besides, Alberto Guardiani is not afraid of a changing mood of the industry and always ready to be flexible, so easily adapts to the new trends of fashion. Collections of this brand are appreciated by the specialist as a brilliant combination of comfort and style.

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