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In an unmistakeably characteristic manner, AIRFIELD is pursuing an exemplary path of success. AIRFIELD quickly established as an international fashion label by providing innovative design and a high standard of quality. More than 1.200 customers in 40 countries all over the world distribute the collections that self-confidently removes the barriers between business basics and sporty outfits, skilfully combining apparent contrasts to form a harmonious entity.

The collection philosophy is shaped by the concept of fashion as a means of self-presentation, an expression of personality and a reflection of private passions. Indeed, by means of new thematic variations and consistent stylistic combinations, AIRFIELD creates the freedom essential to individual interpretations of a very personal approach to fashion.

The Look

Impressiv, independently and trendy emotions in the detail pack characteristics create recognizably differently synonymous for the mode-felt the carrier create metamorphosis daily conversions into fashion.In the internal Design department the trends of the mode metropolises meet to fashionable come together. Trends the reality will become impulses collections have future the at open mind for, stand in cut back the mode-creative.

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