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Agogoa is an idea of industry guru Jerry J. Tommolini. Designer, art collector, dynamic creator of successful clothes and brands, he revolutionised the beachwear concept by transforming it into all-day fashion.

A young and creative team, a modern company whose mission includes environmental protection, starting with its zero-emissions building: completely energy self-sufficient for both heating and air conditioning. With headquarters in Bologna and showrooms in Milan, Florence, and Rome, the company is already a market leader, and its brand is available at more than 400 shops in Italy and abroad.

The Look

Agogoa is a state of mind, an emblem of a dreamlike, fanciful dimension, a happy island of effervescent creativity that vibrates with ideas, inspiration, and energy. A strong brand that doesn’t follow trends, but instead creates them for women who are elegant and feminine, modern and sophisticated, with a distinct sense of fashion. Women who create their own look, in line with their multifaceted personality, and always with a touch of irony.

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