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Jeff Shafer

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Jeff Shafer


The Agave Denim Company was created by friends, artisans and passionate people who stand for courage, integrity and full self-expression and who continue to represent the brand to this day.

The California lifestyle brand is the brainchild of owner and designer Jeff Shafer, who in 2002 started to develop it in his mind. Shafer�s steady passion for denim drove his aspiration to design and produce the best-tailored, highest-quality denim jeans available on the market. The end creations of his dream are Agave Denim jeans, a line of denimwear known for its superior, glove-like fit.

The brand�s jeans are sewn and hand-finished, with each pair of jeans created from 100% ring-spun cotton denim cloth. Master tailors cut the denim from perfectly-tailored patterns and, finally, hand treatments and wash processes are added, giving each pair of jeans a unique colour and finish. All Agave Denim jeans are manufactured in its California factory.

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