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founded by

Adolfo Dominguez

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Adolfo Dominguez Group


The Adolfo Dominguez U Line was created in 2000 as an interactive concept where young people take control of creating their own image and expressing their differences. The emphasis is on the garments' volume which is constantly evolving in a search for balance. The fabrics, which cover our skin twenty four hours a day, have no set limits; the collection ranges from rustic linens and paper-touch poplins to technical fabrics.

The use of colour evokes emotions through unusual combinations. Tops are hand painted and everything is radically original. Flowing garments move with the body rediscovering its sensuality.

The Look

For younger shoppers, the Linea U line has markedly fresher and funkier designs. It's aimed at streetwise twenty- to thirty-year-old urbanites: expect plenty of gently quirky footwear, denim and asymmetrical skirts with interesting prints.

Who Wears It

Gwyneth Paltrow


1993 Agua Fresca (M)
1998 Vetiver (M)
2003 U (M)
2003 U (W)
2004 Agua De Sandalo (M)
2005 U Black (M)
Algeria (W)

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