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founded by

Jacques Adler

belongs to

Carlo, Franklin & Leylâ Adler


The house of Adler has always been a bridge builder across styles, continents and generations. Jacques Adler, born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and trained in Vienna, opened an atelier in Istanbul.

The year was 1886, in the world capital of jewellery, in the heart of the goldsmiths’ quarter. The house of Adler stands out with its style combining the rigorous precision and know-how of the West with the warm curves and the magical imagination of the East.

This family firm built its name on creativity and an innovative spirit that ignores limits. It enjoys an international reputation for setting trends rather than following fashion; its sole guiding principle is the dedication to beauty at the service of women.

For over 120 years, the house of Adler has controlled every single step of production, form choosing and buying stones all over the world to customizing sales in its exclusive boutiques, as well as polishing, designing and marketing.

Adler maintains a bold spirit, displays outstanding flexibility, and remains open to the world. Adler does not hesitate to cut a stone to fit a drawing, to mix colours, to combine stones with other precious or noble materials. Adler stems from an old line of jewelers with know-how of high repute, while looking at the future and creating jewels always one innovation ahead of the next trend.

The descendants of Jacques Adler have maintained this pioneering spirit: since settling in Geneva in 1972, Carlo, Franklin and Leylâ Adler have ensured that the house of Adler keeps its family character, its love for combinations, and dialogue among cultures.

They also expanded their presence to Gstaad, London, Moscow, Hong-Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.

The passion for Haute Joaillerie was naturally passed onto the fourth generation: Allen Adler joined the managing team; with his solid experience in finance and management, he is upgrading the firm’s organization structure and improving its efficiency.

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