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adidas Sport Style - the future in sportswear designed by Yohji Yamamoto is an exclusive collection, consisting of men�s and women�s footwear, apparel and accessories. It combines the mission of the sports brand with the vision of style to develop an unexpected and radical appeal. Yohji Yamamoto: �For me, this is an

interesting and exciting new project on many levels. And, I always wanted my clothes to be accessible to� and desired by� a greater number of people, and I feel that it will be possible for me to achieve this through this new line.�

The Sport Style Division is the home of Originals, defi ned as authentic sportswear, the Fashion Group, which is the future of sportswear, and Style Essentials, the fresh sport-inspired label made accessible for style-adopting youth. Together they offer consumers products from street fashion to high fashion, all uniquely inspired and linked to sport.


2003 Adidas 3 Man (M)
2003 Adidas 3 Women (W)
2004 Adrenaline man (M)
2004 Adidas 3 Extreme Pour Lui (M)
2005 Adidas 3 Extreme Pour Ell (W)
2005 Adidas Originals (M)
2006 Adidas Originals pour Femme (W)
2006 Adidas Victory League (M)
2007 Adidas Moves 0:01 Moment of Truth (M)
2007 Adidas Pure Energy (M)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Floral Dream (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Fruity Rhythm (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Pure Lightness (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Tropical Passion (W)
2008 Natural Vitality (W)
2008 Passion Game (M)
2008 Energy Game (W)
2008 Fair Play (M)
2009 Free Emotion (W)
2009 Fresh Impact (M)
2009 Adidas 3 Frozen (M)

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