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The adidas SLVR Label has been introduced in 2009, due to the believe that there is a need in the market for sophisticated, tailored sportswear that lasts longer than one season. The adidas SLVR Label fulfills this need.

Under the creative direction of Dirk Sch�nberger, adidas SLVR continues to evolve its high-fashion perspective, combining precision tailoring with breakthrough fabrics and a sport attitude.

Since launching adidas SLVR, first mono-brand stores have opened in New York and Berlin. SLVR is also carried in key adidas Brand Centers, such as in Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Shanghai and Beijing as well as being available via adidas online stores in the USA, Asia and Europe. adidas SLVR will continue retail expansion with select accounts and online retailers around the globe.

The Look

Adidas SLVR represents casualwear as smart, sleek, and effortlessly chic, carving out a niche for innovative pieces that match the pace of 21st-century lives.


2003 Adidas 3 Man (M)
2003 Adidas 3 Women (W)
2004 Adrenaline man (M)
2004 Adidas 3 Extreme Pour Lui (M)
2005 Adidas 3 Extreme Pour Ell (W)
2005 Adidas Originals (M)
2006 Adidas Originals pour Femme (W)
2006 Adidas Victory League (M)
2007 Adidas Moves 0:01 Moment of Truth (M)
2007 Adidas Pure Energy (M)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Floral Dream (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Fruity Rhythm (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Pure Lightness (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Tropical Passion (W)
2008 Natural Vitality (W)
2008 Passion Game (M)
2008 Energy Game (W)
2008 Fair Play (M)
2009 Free Emotion (W)
2009 Fresh Impact (M)
2009 Adidas 3 Frozen (M)

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