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Adidas by Stella McCartney's ability to blend functional sportswear and laidback style has proved a hit with active fashionistas everywhere. The Brit designer joined up with Adidas in 2004 to create performance collections. The collection includes apparel for swim, gym, running, tennis, golf and wintersports, as well as bags. Stella McCarney added a branch called Gym Yoga to her sports range for Adidas for the spring/summer 2007. Her Adidas contract was extended until 2010.


2003 Adidas 3 Man (M)
2003 Adidas 3 Women (W)
2004 Adrenaline man (M)
2004 Adidas 3 Extreme Pour Lui (M)
2005 Adidas 3 Extreme Pour Ell (W)
2005 Adidas Originals (M)
2006 Adidas Originals pour Femme (W)
2006 Adidas Victory League (M)
2007 Adidas Moves 0:01 Moment of Truth (M)
2007 Adidas Pure Energy (M)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Floral Dream (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Fruity Rhythm (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Pure Lightness (W)
2008 Emotions in Motion - Tropical Passion (W)
2008 Natural Vitality (W)
2008 Passion Game (M)
2008 Energy Game (W)
2008 Fair Play (M)
2009 Free Emotion (W)
2009 Fresh Impact (M)
2009 Adidas 3 Frozen (M)

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