Yasmin Le Bon unveils 31 stone nude bronze sculpture of herself...

As a supermodel, she become accustomed to wearing many a revealing outfit and has had no qualms about posing nude.
But last night Yasmin Le Bon put in a rather demure show as she turned out to an art gallery, which is more than can be said for the bronze sculpture of herself which she there to unveil.
As she pulled back the black sheet covering the artwork, even Yasmin raised an eyebrow as she was greeted with the revealing sight.
yasmin le bon 234c
The sculpture was wrapped only in a blue sash, which formed part of the metal work, covering certain parts of the bodywork.
Although it still left certain areas exposed, including the left breast and derri?re of the statue.
The 46-year-old mother of three, wearing black jeans, strappy heels and a high-necked jacket, was joined by the artist who created the sculpture,Jonathan Wylder, last night.
yasmin le bon 234b
They were watched on by guests as they unveiled the show-piece at the La Galleria Pall Mall, one of the capital's most prestigious contemporary art gallery and auction house.
The sculpture came to fruition following a chance-meeting between Le Bon and Wylder, the concept being 'pure art free from all restraints’.
It stands 2.3 metres high and weighs around 31.5st - considerably more than the model herself and took Wylder six months to create.
He admitted to having a certain fascination with his muse's 'rare beauty', adding that the sculpture is the 'most inspirational work' he has ever created.
source: dailymail.co.uk