Watch Lara Stone, the Space Cadet!

Following Heidi Klum's pole dancing music video for Hunger Magazine, comes Lara Stone, the Dutch bombshell, transformed into a Gaga-esque space cadet, for electro-pop duo Hot Chip's latest music video, Night & Day.

British comedian Peter Serafinowicz, a friend of Lara's amusing husband, David Walliams, directed the model playing her strangest role to date. Dressed in a pointy-shouldered jacket and low-cut bustier, Stone shows up as the capitain of a spaceship bound for earth under the orders of a cult leader,  embodied by legendary actor Terence Stamp. Before her character's tragic ending - her  spaceship crashes after some kind of technical malfunction -, the model navigates her way through space while Stamp gets hooded followers dancing around him. The video itself sticks to Hot Chip's blueprint for slightly strange and confusing videos.


Watch Lara in action here:!