Tyra Banks issues “a big forehead” contest

The Next Top Model creator, Tyra Banks, claims that she has the biggest forehead and issued a challenge to her fans to prove her wrong. She uploaded a snapshot of herself on Twitter posing in a cut-out swimsuit in the sea.

Her fans took on th challenge posting snapshots of themselves claiming to have a bigger space between their eyes than she does. To which she replied by tweeting a close-up snap of her face and chest with the caption, “Yeah right, you been practicing your poses.”

The model has taken on the mission of getting girls to like themselves inspite of their imperfections. She told fans, “Fam, what part of your bod do you not like but are learning 2 love? #flawsome.”

Which led us to ask is there such a word as “flaw some?” Here’s what we found. Flawsome means = Flaw + Awesomeness. It means it’s okay to be vulnerable meaning to have flaws, to say “I love you” first to yourself.

It is a worthy thought wanting women to embrace their imperfections but honestly folks, “a big forehead contest?”

Methinks the lady has too much time on her hands and needs a new project to keep her busy. And that snapshot of herself played up her two biggest…uh….ummmm….assets than it did her forehead.

T. J. Mueller