Super-thin Rosie Huntington Whiteley shows the “Animale” side of her

The 25-year-old British beauty and supermodel turned actress made her comeback at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2012 in Brazil looking super hot, super thin and FIERCE. These days she doesn´t walk the runways as much as she used to as the hottie has a busy schedule on her hands. Walking the runway at Sao Paulo she revealed an extra thin silhouette with razor-sharp cheekbones and a jutting collarbone but the look suited her well and had everyone sitting back and taking notice.

Rosie modeled designs for the Brazilian label Animale. She took to the catwalk in a number of skin-tight outfits beginning with a futuristic number and strutted her stuff. A shapely beige T-shirt was teamed with perforated skinny trousers and white heels. The second outfit was a semi-sheer black animal print top paired with a leather mid-length skirt and high heels and she looked super hot. She also modeled a sheer cream sleeveless top with a plunging neckline and showed a little too much cleavage but hey, who cares when you´re Rosie Huntington Whiteley, the lady is gorgeous. She ended the show with another winning number, a leather pencil skirt paired with a sheer zebra-print top and had everyone´s jaws hitting the floor. She is currently the face of Animale and did them proud.

She has said that she holds the Brazilians in high esteem. Recently talking to Vogue Brazil she said, “I know that Brazilian women have an amazing sense of fashion, because I know a lot of models here. It´s very individual, tends to be very alive and always carries an element of sexy, which is what I like and has to do with the way I dress.”

And she did let out the “Animale” at the show. It was a huge hit and Rosie looked fierce with slicked back hair and a long lean silhouette and showed that “thin” is in where she was concerned.

The lady has good work ethics too which she culled from mommy dearest. She told Australia´s Cleo Magazine. “Life doesn´t hand you opportunity. People don´t hand you great things sitting around on your ass. Grasp opportunity in whatever situation you can and work really hard for the opportunity to keep getting them handed to you.”

She´s got it all this model does. The long lean silhouette, the bee-sting lips and the radiant looks to make any runway a sizzler and a winner. Jeez, what can we say but, “Thin suits you well.”

T. J. Mueller