Supermodel Nicole Trunfio seeks a local \'surfie boy\'

Nicole Trunfio has conquered the modelling world now she wants to find true love, have babies and put on weight.
In a revealing interview the 24-year-old beauty spoke of her desire to find "Mr Right" and one day start a family.
The New-York-based brunette, who says she is currently single after splitting from US rapper boyfriend Ryan Leslie, also flagged the idea of possibly returning to Australia to live.
"Because I come from such a close family, my natural instinct is to get married and have kids as soon as possible," Trunfio said.
"I kind of have to fight that instinct sometimes. Especially as I get older, my friends are starting to settle down, too.
"My sister, Louise, is getting married next year. But I haven't met the right person yet. I definitely have crushes overseas.
"When I first meet someone I think I want to settle down and stuff and then I think, 'No, that person isn't right for me'.
"I really feel as if that right person is somewhere here in Australia. I really would like to meet a nice Australian boy a surfie boy from Margaret River.
"I could definitely see myself living back in Australia. If I had a family I could move back here, or maybe spend six months in the US and six in Australia."
The Nicole Trunfio story is a modern-day fairytale.
As a teenager she was spotted by a scout in Perth and was quickly talked into becoming a model.
At the tender age of 17 she was whisked away to New York where she took the international modelling world by storm, gracing the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world, including Vogue, and working with some of the best designers and photographers around, including Karl Lagerfeld.
At the family home in Australind to celebrate Christmas, Trunfio reflected on her life, admitting she sometimes had to pinch herself to make sure it wasn't all some fantastic dream.
"I live in New York, I have an amazing apartment over there I have this amazing life over there that is full of glamour," she said. "I get treated like a queen over there.
"And that's one of the reasons I love coming home. It's grounding. When I am home, people don't care who I am.
"I can walk through the malls and people don't look at me twice.
"It's super normal and casual. And so I pinch myself it's like living this totally opposite life over there."
But there is also a downside to fame. Trunfio says constant scrutiny of her slim frame upsets her.
"My weight is something that people seem to talk about a lot," she said. "It's seems to be an issue for some and it hurts me a lot.
"To be honest, people can think what they like. It's in my genes. My mum is skinny.
"I don't starve myself. I am very healthy and eat well. If anything I try and put on weight and it seems to be working at the moment.
"I am putting on weight and becoming more of a woman. My boobs are growing and my butt is growing. I am getting quite voluptuous and I am very proud of it.
"As I grow older people will watch me grow as well, I am not a kid any more. I have no problem with my body. The human form is a beautiful thing.
"While I am young and while my body is beautiful, why not show it? I don't think it should be hidden, although I don't like tacky, really cheap stuff.
"I don't want to offend anybody. I don't want people to think I am free-spirited because I am still very conservative. I am Italian and still very traditional."
This year shapes as an incredibly busy year for Trunfio.
She has replaced the pregnant Miranda Kerr as the star of the David Jones Winter 2011 season.
Fresh from a non-speaking part in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, Trunfio features in Eytan Rockaway's My First Time, a short film due for release this year.
She plans to expand her Nicole Trunfio Jewellery line and also has plans to release an invention.
"Modelling, it is my forte, it's who I am," she said. "But I have also studied acting for six years and I am obsessed by it.
"I have a short film coming out this year in which I play a lead. It's an intellectual thriller. I play a female Hannibal Lecter type of character.
"There is talk of making it into a feature and they want me to play the lead which is awesome.
"Hopefully later in my career when I am older and wiser I would love to direct a movie about the history of my family, but in a really cool way.
"They are Italian and it's quite a complex story about how my grandfather came to Australia."
Trunfio has also developed a grasp of the business world.
"With my jewellery line I have joined with a company in the US that will manufacture it for me," she said. "The first collection was quite small and I basically did it all myself.
"Now I get to do the graphic designs and they take it to China and manufacture it and sell it. The next collection is absolutely beautiful.
"Part of the proceeds will go towards helping a charitable not-for-profit organisation that benefits the empowerment of women.
"I am also an inventor. I own nine US patents. I will be launching something very special and secret to me.
"It's nothing to do with modelling. It's something I have created. It's something for every single person.
"Let your readers know that they can follow me on twitter@nictrunfio and also 'like' my facebook page for updates.
"I'd like ideas on a non-profit organisation that will benefit the empowerment of women from my jewellery line."
Amazingly, Trunfio says she still hasn't scratched the surface in terms of what she wants to achieve.
"I look at myself and say, 'Nicole, you really have a long way to go'."
In WA, Trunfio is enjoying the sun-drenched beaches of the South-West before returning to snowy New York.
Trunfio will be back in Australia in February for David Jones' fashion launch.