Paris Hilton debuts as DJ in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The 31-year-old hotel heiress turned model, actress, singer, business woman, fashion designer, philantropist and now DJ seemed to be a hit with her Brazilian fans as she grinned and signed autographs and lapped up the attention like a Cheshire cat. Is there no end to her talents? Obviously not as she continuously breaks new frontiers and keeps us guessing as to what she might have in mind for her next publicity gig.

Paris is currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil, attending the Pop Music Festival where she will make her first debut as DJ. Just days after she was on a “fashion-out” dressed in a green outdated velour tracksuit, she did no better at the festival. She opted for a revealing Basque inspired number and teamed it with a pair of tights and dominatrix-style gloves. The only thing missing was a whip and she would have stolen the show. Her second outfit fared a little better. It was a short black dress with an intricate pattern and looked a little less garish than the first outfit. Her skills as a full-fledged DJ?

According to Perez Hilton, the reality star rocked Brazil with crowd-pleasing remixes of tracks from Rihanna and Fun. Paris is no new-comer to the club scene being a staple since she was 15 she should know what works on the dance floor and she did. She had this to say: “It’s something I have been passionate about…….I am very excited to share all of my hard work with the world.”

She tweeted later, “Wow, What an incredible night! So happy you all loved my set! Loved watching you all smile and dance! One of the best night’s of my life.”

Don’t you get the feeling that this is one model turned actress turned author turned fashion designer turned DJ can turn anything she touches into gold? She must have a fairy godmother looking out for her.

T. J. Mueller