Model of the day: Claudia Schiffer

This supermodel was a household name in the 1980s. Born and raised in Germany, her biggest assets were her long blond hair, blue eyes and the longest legs in the fashion industry. Since then she has graced the covers of over 500 magazines, done campaigns for Guess, Chanel and Lóreal. She has also starred in Richie Rich, a small role that featured her as the hot aerobics trainer.

She was featured on a magazine cover by the time she was 20 and attained supermodel status when she was selected to be the new face of Chanel. By the 90s she was the hottest thing to hit the billboards and the driving force behind Guess jeans. She was also the only supermodel to make the covers of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and People. And then she was signed on by Pepsi which catapulted her to stardom status.

After an unsuccessful love affair with David Copperfield, she moved on to marry producer Matthew Vaughn. This union produced three children, Casper 9, Clementine 7 and 20 month old Cosima. She has since then stepped back from modeling and lives in Notting Hill in London. She told Stylist Magazine that her priorities have changed. “This is what I´m all about. You stop worrying. Matthew and I are a team, we make all our decisions together, whether it´s about the children or the house. We´re not divided in any sense.”

It seems that the face of the 80s and 90s has found a new calling, that of motherhood and raising a family. In the modeling world where a model is considered old by the time she reaches her 20s, this supermodel has spread her wings and found her home somewhere else. Home now is in the UK and she loves her life there. She said recently, I´m so glad I ended up here. It´s thanks to Matthew, it´s where love brings you.”

According to Claudia Schiffer, “the age of the supermodel is over. She says that the original supermodels Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington were the epitome of supermodel heaven. No one even comes close now except for Giselle Bundchen who she believes has graced magazine covers all over the world and is world-renown. She says, “her face is well-known, her name is recognised.” Today´s supermodels do not have celebrity status as there are too many beautiful models and it is impossible for a few to attain celebrity celebrities.

Today, she speaks out against the trend of super-thin models and says that the trend is returning to “glamour and opulence.” She hopes that this development “can cause a revival of the supermodel as we embodied the image of beauty in the 90s.”

Besides being a mother and a wife, she has started working again with Karl Lagerfeld, who is the genius behind Chanel, on a new campaign for champagne. And she has returned as the face of top fashion house Guess to celebrate its 30th birthday.

She was one of the hottest supermodels of all time and it looks like she made it in more ways than one.

Written By:
T. J. Mueller