Model of the Day: Anja Konstantinova

Melbourne babe Anja Konstantinova is the model-of-the-moment. The 21-year-old Russian-born model was brought up in Melbourne and has been modeling for about 10 months. Said to be a mix of Charlotte Free, Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Abbey Lee she has caught the eye of the fashion industry. She signed on with Priscillas in Sydney, Australia and since then has done shoots for Vogue, GQ Australia, Oyster, Grazia, Marie Claire and has done the Spring/Summer 2011/2012 campaign for rising Sydney jewellery brand Mezi.

She is proving that she is not just another sultry, sun-kissed blond model to come out of Australia. With a killer face and killer personality she is about to take the fashion world by storm except for a small catch. She is only 5´4” tall. In an industry where tall is in, she has been making the rounds successfully. Priscilla´s agent, Lizzie Leighton-Clark says, “her personality is amazing. And she´s so well in proportion as well. She´s got such a great look. I don´t think it matters. I think that everyone´s bored of the norm and looking for something a bit different.”

And this is what Anja Konstantinova is bringing to the runway at the moment. The something special, the something extraordinary and the something out-of-the-norm. With a strong portfolio and more shoots to come, she is well on her way to making model history.

We wish her well.

T. J. Mueller