Miranda Kerr shows off her “Victoria´s Secret” figure

The Victoria´s Secret model looked hot as she carried baby Flynn around Los Angeles yesterday. The Australian beauty showed off her supermodel figure in tight black leggings paired with a chic vest and with a wild animal print bra underneath. The outfit really showed off her trim and toned physique. Baby Flynn didn´t look too bad either. Trying to imitate his hot mama, he wore a pair of trousers with a cute bear print and paired it with a red long sleeve top and a grey cap.

Miranda who is married to actor Orlando Bloom revealed that the secret to her killer body is her exercise routine and organic diet. She told FabSugar that she lost her pregnancy weight by doing plenty of yoga and eating sensibly. “I pretty much follow the 80 percent healthy, 20 percent indulgent rule. Life is about having fun and it´s about balance, it´s not about being super-strict with yourself. I have been eating super healthy, lots of veggies and fresh fish and grains and fresh juices.” And she revealed that breastfeeding also helped her lose her pregnancy weight.

Here are the rest of her beauty secrets. She starts the day with a fresh pressed green juice made from kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley and lemon juice. Doesn´t sound too appetizing? Well, take another look at her gorgeous bod and it will keep you going. Half an hour later she has a smoothie made with sun warrior protein powder, goggi berries, noni juice, vita mineral greens, chia seeds, bee pollen, raw cacao powder, macca powder and acai powder. Then she has organic eggs or oatmeal for breakfast.

And if all that isn´t enough to get your body going, here´s the rest. She does yoga, pilates and works out regularly with celebrity trainer, Justin Gelband. She devotes 75 minutes to interval training exercises, weight training and jogging. The model who is one of the sexiest women alive says adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to looking good and keeping fit.

Now, if she finds herself getting tired of the routine then she has her grandmother´s words to move her along. She says her grandmother once warned her: “Now, love, don´t let yourself go. Men are very visual and it´s important that you wake up and get yourself together. Don´t spill around the residence all day in your pyjamas.”

Ain´t that the truth? That is one grandmother who knows her stuff.

T. J. Mueller