Milla Jovovich turns electro-pop singer!

She models, she acts, she sings! Milla Jovovich, one of the girls that made the supermodels' era so superb, definitely keeps a handful of artistic talents under her belt.

The beautiful model started writing and recording music in 1988 and launched The Divine Comedy, her first critically acclaimed album, at the tender age of 19 years. Since then, she kept connected to music recording numerous tracks for films she has starred in. At the moment, she is trying to push her career in music forward, releasing free demo tracks on her website. On May 18, Jovovich released her latest single Electic Skies, which she performed live, for the first time, at this year's Life Ball in Vienna.

The single is to be included on her upcoming EP, expected to be available to the public next September. As Milla described on her official website, her music sounds quite "New Order-meets-Daft Punk-meets-Joni Mitchell-meets-Yo Gabba Gabba". Following that electro-pop vibe, a music video for Electric Skies is currently in production.

Her energy on stage is pretty captivating! With such a precence and acting skills, it's no wonder she becomes a performer by the instant she appears on stage, all glittery and sensuous. Watch her performing Electric Skies at Vienna Life Ball here: