Lily Cole shows supermodels aren\'t immune to bad skin days!
Super Lily Cole is not immune to the imperfections of humans after all! The supermodel, Hollywood actress and double first-class Cambridge graduate was spotted in New York, last weekend, baring a few of those skin blemishes every woman hates. Very down-to-earth and advocate of the "natural look", the beautiful red head wore her hair a bit messy and finished the look with red lipstick.

The pretty model, owner of a superhuman curriculum at the young age of 23, refuses to use any cosmetics that are tested in animals. That way, she became The Body Shop's first brand ambassador and went further launching her own make-up range.

Lily likes to keep things easy with beauty care. She knows which products suit her the best and turns to them all the time: "I like Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and go for taupe colours, a really natural look. I like products that enhance, rather than mask your face. I don't tend to experiment a lot with make-up, I just do what I do, but I like to play with different lip colours".

Besides that, her Hollywood career and Cambridge experience made her more aware of the power of an image: "The idea is you sell things from your image, but that does not necessarily mean you are beautiful - it is just, I dunno, a symptom of the system in a way". That conclusion has also made her re-think the way she acts towards beauty, making sure the face she shows the world "sells" something deeper and more valuable than just prettiness.