Lena Gercke told to “tone-down” her appearance for semi-final clash

Lena Gercke who won the Germany’s Next Top Model contest in March 2006 and one of Heidi Klum’s proteges was asked by the German FA to tone down her appearance on the stands at tomorrow’s Euro 2012 semi-final clash against Italy.

Apparently the good looking and sexy model has overshadowed other wives and girlfriends during the tournament which had led to bickering between rival WAGS so she has been asked “not to hog the spotlight.”

Gercke and Sami Khedira (Real Madrid ace), started dating last year. The couple appeared on the cover of German GQ and caused quite a stir. On the cover shot, Gercke appeared topless with Khedira fully-clothed but covering her modesty with his hands. Yes, pretty hot stuff.

It is rumored that the couple will tie the knot after the championship is over.

Until then all eyes will be focused on the stunning 24-year-old German beauty at tomorrow’s match to see if she follows orders. Question is: “How do you tone-down your appearance when appearing in sack cloth and ashes will still make you stand out from the crowd?”

T. J. Mueller