Kate Moss\'s sister Lottie makes modeling debut

Lottie Moss, The 13-year old sister of Kate Moss was first seen in the public eye after the world saw her at her sister's wedding as a bridesmaid. Immediately people took notice of the young beauty and began to wonder when she would follow in her supermodel sister's footsteps and begin a modeling career of her own. Yesterday, pictures of Lottie turned up on fashionising.com. The shoot was done by photographer Andrea Carter Bowman and featured black and white pictures of her reminding us of her beautiful blonde haired sister the fashion world adores. While Lottie is still only 13, the photoshoot might mark the beginning of a soon to be exploding modeling career. She is not known to be signed with any agency yet, surely agencies, designers, and magazines alike are lining up to book the young starlet. This definitely isn't the last we'll see of Lottie Moss.