Is Kate Upton no longer the “page three girl?”

Is Victoria’s Secret taking back what they said about Kate Upton? She was likened to a “page three girl” by one of their casting directors last year and it was said that they would never use her.

Now, Kate Upton is seen posing in a black bra on the back of the newest Victoria’s Secret catalog from an image obtained by Buzzfeed. Sophia Neophitou, casting director for VS told the New York Times in an interview early last year, “She is too obvious. She’s like a page three girl. She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and the kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

However, Ms Neophitou seems to be wrong about her opinion of the model and is VS making amends for said comments? Kate has been proving the pundits wrong and has jumped from being a bikini model to high fashion in a matter of months. She has appeared on three Vogue covers, taken the lead on the cover of CR Fashion Book and posed for various high fashion photoshoots including V Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.
The young Marilyn Monroe look-alike seems to be a favourite with the fashion set and is making waves with her blonde bombshell looks but VS has made it clear, however, that making an appearance on the catalog does not qualify her as an “angel.” Their exact words were, “Casting for the catalog and fashion show are seen as two very different things to the fashion community. There’s a lot of cross-over but it’s not a fully symbolic relationship.”

Is that like offering the olive branch and pulling it back? Will Kate Upton prove them wrong once again? What do you think? Does the model with the gorgeous curves and the supermodel looks have the makings to be an “angel?”

T. J. Mueller