Irina “Shayks” it in New York

Just days after a photoshoot for German GQ, where Irina gave a new meaning to the words “red-hot” the brunette beauty was seen out and about in New York for a little rest and relaxation.

Even dressed down in a simple loose-fitting grey top and tight orange jeans, she was able to stop traffic. Well, more like a orange cab that is. Her only extravagance came in the form of a Birkin bag complete with a small padlock charm. And it was clear to onlookers that this was no ordinary New Yorker but one with celebrity status. Birkin bags run in the prize range of $4,000 upwards.

The pretty Russian model showed tight abs and a toned behind as she hailed a cab on the streets of New York. It was time to do some retail therapy to bring the supermodel mind and body back into balance.

Earlier in the week, she was seen jogging and working up a sweat in a grey cropped top and tracksuit bottoms as she ran in West Village. Supermodels do have to keep their bodies in top form, that is why they make the big bucks. It was evident that the model was in top form as she gave onlookers a flash of tight toned abs while football star beau Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid forward, was working up sweat of his own training for a match.

The couple have been an item since 2010 and it looks like the relationship is getting serious. The model was seen bonding with Ronaldo’s two-year-old son, Ronaldo Jr., from a previous relationship during a Real Madrid match.

It is rumored that the promi-pair plan to tie the knot in July.

We wish them well.

T. J. Mueller