„I wish I wasn´t famous,” moans Janice Dickinson.

A little too late for that isn´t it Ms. Dickinson? The model cited public humiliation as the biggest issue when details of her eviction and unflattering pictures of her wrinkled legs appeared in a magazine recently.

In one interview, she had this to say, “I´ll be straight-up, it is a nasty economic time that I´m going through along with the rest of the world…I got overloaded and I got backed-up on my bills. Some jobs got canceled for me but I´m still here and I´m doing the best I can. I wish I wasn´t famous. I wish I could go along anonymously but that´s not going to happen for me. I´m everywhere and I´m stuck with it.”

We hate to say this Janice but that´s the price you´ll have to pay for fame and stardom. The 57 year old reality TV star is being sued by her landlords for back rent. She owes a reported sum of $17,700. The landlords claim that they have given Janice a 3-day notice to pay up but Janice hasn´t complied so they are asking a judge to evict her.

On the other matter of her wrinkled legs, Janice decided to do damage control. She was seen displaying her enviable figure in an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie black bikini, as she frolicked with her two dogs on the beach, a chocolate Labrador and a Bulldog named Lloyd. She seemed happy and was all smiles as she waved at photographers. The darkly tanned model was seen striking a variety of provocative poses as she sunbathed even going so far as to stick her well-toned rear-end in the air.

Now, that´s a pose that will get you everywhere Janice, famous or not.

T. J. Mueller
source: dailymail.co.uk