Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, holds court before hearing

Dressed appropriately in a dark blue navy ensemble that had a fitted blazer with leather cuffs and carrying a matching handbag, Paris Hilton showed her somber side as she held court before the hearing. In an attempt to show that she was all there, she left her high heels at home and in their place she wore flats. The one accessory that didn´t quite fit into the picture were her Willy Wonka sunglasses that gave her a mischievous look. But true to style, they were from Chanel so all is forgiven.

She arrived in New York on Monday to settle a legal battle against the Italian lingerie company Le Bonitas. The company has accused Paris of not holding on to her part of the licensing agreement made in 2010. Paris has in-turn filed a counter lawsuit claiming that the underwear company owes her $1.5 million in royalty fees. The proceedings began in April and both parties were advised to settle out of court. Having failed to do so, the parties will have to present their case to a judge again. The fallout occurred when Paris´ five-year deal to create a line of briefs, pyjamas and swimwear turned sour. It is reported that the failed deal will cause Le Bonitas to loose $200K.

Despite the severity of the occasion, Paris was all smiles as photographers scrambled to get their best shots of her. She looked poised and treated the event like a red-carpet premiere rather than a court appearance. Sources close to her say that she showed up because she wants the court to know how important this case is to her and her brand. Of course, there is the amount of $200k in back royalties which she claims that the company owes her.

It is rumored that the star and the heads of the company have come to an agreement and it is “bye-bye lawsuit.”

Is that why she was seen flashing her famous “Paris Hilton” smile as she got into a waiting chaffeur-driven car? She waved as the car pulled away and was heard tweeting, “Live What You Love and Love What You Live.”

You´ve got to love her folks. She lives in a world unto herself and who can blame her. This is one “Alice in Wonderland” who has got the world at her feet.

T. J. Mueller