Gisele\'s mission to save the Amazon... with apples?

While supermodel Gisele Bundchen has been photographed for an ad campaign on Apple's line of computers MAC (Macintosh), in the USA, she also endorsed her new campaign to protect the Amazon's Xingu River from deforestation and pollution. The campaign by the Socioenvironmental Institute to protect the endangered headwaters and the rain forest along the Xingu River in the southern Amazon is called "Y Ikatu Xingu," which means "clean and good Xingu water," in the native Kamaiura language. Gisele will "tell the world that the Amazon's waters are in danger," the Kaxi Amazon News Agency said Monday. The Xingu River extends about 1,700 miles through the southern Amazon, including Brazil's first Indian reservation, the 6.92 million-acre Xingu National Park. Ranchers and loggers have encroached on the park and threaten to pollute the river, which has tributaries in 35 cities and towns, the agency said.