Five-star feeding for celeb-pooch Bert

Here we go again. David Walliams and Lara Stone were seen treating their pet pooch, Bert, to a five-star meal.again.

Just last month the pooch dined in style at Scott’s restaurant with mama Lara Stone and papa David Walliams. And last night was no exception as the couple took their Border Terrier Bert to George’s Restaurant in Mayfair, just a stone’s throw from Scott’s Restaurant. The pooch looked suitably stuffed and grinned for the cameras as the pair emerged from the restaurant with Bert in Walliam’s arms. Grinned? Well, he would have if he could. Wouldn’t you? It’s a life made in dog heaven folks.

Model Lara Stone looked pretty and toned-down in a brown dress and peep-toe heels, her face sans make-up while Walliams was dressed to impress in dark trousers, dark blue blazer and a light blue shirt. The couple bought Bert for Valentine’s Day and since then have been besotted with the pooch who goes everywhere they do. Lara recently told Dutch Vogue, “ A baby will probably never be as fun as Bert.”

Besides earning top-notch dollars, celebrities have another priority. They keep their furry friends at the top of the list.

Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell terrier, has a website dedicated to him. He has one in Japan and one in the U.S. How’s that for celeb status? Jennifer Aniston has Norman, a Welsh-Corgi-terrier mix, who has had more media coverage than most of Hollywood’s A-listers. Jessica Alba has her pug, Syd. She says when she wants to sleep with somebody, she would rather sleep with her pug. Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell has inspired a book, 2004’s Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries, a satire told from the dog’s perspective. It takes big bucks to keep celebrity pooches, fed, clothed and happy and in dog heaven.

All we can say is, enough about dogs. We are all dogged out.

T. J. Mueller