Family portrait shows whom Miranda Kerr got her beauty from

Miranda Kerr's admirable beauty is definitely a product of her family's good genes. That's what a recent shoot for Australia's Women's Weekly magazine shows, by having one of the most popular fashion models in the world posing up with her very beautiful mother, Therese Kerr, and 75-year-old grandmother, Ann Kerr.

The graceful shoot was pulled off as a celebration of Mother's Day and, in between, some touching experiences of the Kerr's ladies were shared. One of them was the death of Theresa and Ann's mothers when they were very young and the impact that had on their lives. Ann, Miranda's father's mother, told: "She went into hospital and never came out. Mum was 32 and I was 13 years old. We waved her goodbye in the taxi that took her to hospital and that was the last we saw of her. My father went grey overnight. He never remarried. He always said he loved my mother too much". On her turn, Therese, whose mother died when she was only 17 and pregnant with Miranda, shared: "Mum woke up one morning with pains in her chest, was admitted to hospital and never came out. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. And the saddest thing for me is that she never got to meet my children. I would give anything for that. She would have been so proud of them".

Those painful past stories have probably made Miranda more aware of the value of having her mother, happy and healthy, always by her side to share the good and bad moments life brings along. Clearly proud of those two women, she said: "Mum and Nan are two of the strongest women I know and they are a great source of strength in my life. I am so very close to my mum. I couldn't imagine my life without her. I think you can only ever fully appreciate how devastating losing your mum would be when you actually go through that experience yourself".

Watch the making-off of this loving family portrait here: