Elisa Sednaoui travels to Iceland for Journal 31

Elisa Sednaoui was chosen to be the cover girl for Journal 31's latest issue. They used photographer Magnus Unnar to shoot the story in his hometown of Iceland. Unnar explained to New York mag that the concept of the shoot was to "take someone I know and put them into a situation that’s familiar to me." He felt comfortable in Iceland which is why he chose it for the shoot. In his interview, Unnar also explained how he came about the shoot. "Basically, one night I went out with Elisa Sednaoui and Michael (Nevin, founder of the journal) – and Michael was like, “I’ve been thinking, I want to take Elisa to Iceland and shoot her there,” and then Michael saw us together and said, “You should go, and take her as well.” I wanted to go back to my roots with my work. I wanted to go to Iceland and shoot someone at home, in nature, at my parent’s house with my family. I didn’t want to take someone random. Elisa is a good friend of mine, and we got along really well. The shoot was more intimate because of it." He also thought that this specific shoot was much freer than most others explaining that "When you’re shooting for a traditional fashion publication, you can’t do whatever you want. There are always restrictions. There is always someone there. As soon as you get a stylist in there, or hair and makeup, it’s like someone is in your way. When I was shooting [this project], there was no hair, makeup, or stylists jumping in to fix something. " The journal also features artists Daniel Turner, Asger Carlsen, and Carroll Dunham.

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