Doutzen Kroe’s “six pack” on display

The Victoria’s Secret model looked super svelte, super hot and displayed some incredible stomach muscle definition that would be the envy of women much younger than her and all this after giving birth to son Phyllon just 18 months ago.

Doutzen, husband DJ Sunnery and son Phyllon were seen enjoying a family vacation in Miami. Dressed in a navy blue and white animal print bikini, the model mama showed taut stomach muscles as she lazed alongside the pool looking happy and contented. Later it was fun time in the pool with son Phyllon as she lifted him tensing her stomach muscles. Is this how she gets those incredible taut muscles?

Supermodels have a way of bouncing back to their pre-baby forms that is nothing short of amazing. Take Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio or Heidi Klum who are perfect examples of supermodels who have walked the runway just months after giving birth with not an ounce of fat on their super slim selves. It has been rumored that the way back to supermodel form was paved with hard workouts, celebrity trainers and good nutrition. Or is it something else? Could it be something in the water? Then we need to bottle it folks!

Have a great weekend.

T. J. Mueller