David Walliams surprises Lara Stone with the ultimate gift

“Diamonds are a girls best friend?” Think again. Not where Lara Stone is concerned. The Dutch beauty and supermodel, Lara Stone, a fanatic supporter of the Dutch team was down in the dumps when the team lost their first match on Saturday.

Not to be outdone by the loss, her husband, David Walliams, knew exactly what to to. He surprised his supermodel love with what must be the ultimate gift for any Dutch football fanatic, a cute little orange Mini Cooper, which had Lara bouncing back and over the moon with joy. She tweeted:

“Wow, wow, wow! Best surprise ever! Thank you @davidwalliams. We´ve named her Honey Ryder!”

And as if that wasn´t enough to bring her back from the doldrums of football hell, she´s found something else to perk her up. Mainly in the form of hunky and handsome True Blood Star, Alexander Skarsgard. He has been officially named the face of Calvin Klein´s new scent, Encounter. The two are working together on a short film promoting the scent.

Catherine Walsh of Coty Prestige (the brand behind Calvin Klein´s fragrances) has said, “Alexander Skarsgard perfectly reflects the Encounter attitude - modern, stylish and unapologetically masculine.”

Not to mention, sexy, hot and totally MALE. Moving on…..

Alexander told WWD. Look for the juice which contains notes of cardamom, rum, patchouli, cognac and cedar wood. Out this September.

Juice = Scent? Call it what you will Alexander, we´ll buy anything you´ve got to sell. Moving on again…..

Lara Stone is not exactly chopped liver either. The Brigitte Bardot look-alike boasts gappy teeth, bee-stung lips and a va-va-voom figure. Photographer Bruce Weber says, she is big, bad and beautiful.

Well then, watch the two steam up the short film stint with their gorgeous looks and hot personalities. As to the matter of the Mini Cooper, we have to say, “It looks like a marriage made in heaven and Walliams sure knows what his lady love likes.”

T. J. Mueller