Couture heavyweight: fit for a supermodel

Couture week is traditionally full of surprises! Today, the big surprise came in the form of a powerful 50 kilo red gown. A true heavyweight of couture only a supermodel could handle. The British crown jewel Yasmin Le Bon was the chosen one to give life to this powerful Stephan Rolland dress. But, even modeling superpowers weren’t enough to walking tall in such dress. This means she actually needed the muscular strength of two men to stroll down the runway with the stance of a fashion goddess!
This show-stopping dress probably weights the same its muse does. Architecturally constructed in endless meters of silk jersey, the dress hides a structure made of metal panels, on the bustier and the front of the skirt, designed to help its shape resist to its own weight.
50 kilos and 45 meters of length are, indeed, remarkable stats for a dress. Perhaps they’re even more remarkable for the 47-year-old queen of the runways who gracefully showcased it, bringing along two good-looking assistants who kept arranging the artistic train around her feet.