Courtney Love hints at past lesbian affair with Kate Moss

Rocker Courtney Love stumbled into the Howard Stern Show studios Monday morning and told the talk radio icon that she once had a lesbian one-night stand with a British supermodel whose description sounded a lot like Kate Moss.
Love rolled into the Howard Stern Show about an hour later than scheduled, but made her appearance worth Stern's while with a wild story about a wild night with a British beauty in Milan, Italy.
The Kate Moss revelation tumbled out of Courtney Love in response to one of Howard Stern's staple questions. "You'll get it on with other girls?" Stern asked Love.
"My only one on one was-I was out of my mind-was the supermodel. And she's notoriously, pretty much gay. And that's because every girlfriend I have in London has had sex with her. So, some time in the 90s, sometime late 90s, um, I was in an Italian city with her and she pretty much chased me around the room. Literally, like she was the aggressor. And I thought: ' You know what? If you're gonna do it, do it with that one. Do it with that one.' It wasn't Naomi Campbell for god's sakes,'s just like a hot supermodel."
Howard Stern steered the slurring rock star towards more details "You're talking someone as hot as like a Gisele," said Stern of supermodel Gisele Bundchen..
"Older than Gisele, but perennial," replied Love coyly.
"Like an Elle McPherson beautiful," Stern continued.
"Prettier," replied Love, then imitated the as yet unnamed supermodel's British accent: "Remember when we were in Milan?"
"Kate Moss!" exclaimed Robin Quivers in what had become a bizarro lesbian-supermodel version of What's My Line?
Love went silent for several seconds, then adopted a facetious tone and cooed: "Noooo. That's not true."
"You got it on with Kate Moss," stated Howard Stern proudly, taking time to visualize.
Love then gave up the denials and launched into graphic details. "I was really really wasted," replied Love. "I don't remember much, I just remember waking up in the morning and looking at this face...It was so feline and beautiful and she was asleep and I was like 'Oh my God'."
"It's a major notch on your belt," said Stern approvingly.
Love then topped off the dirty detail with the perfect ironic cherry, stating: "I don't want to out anyone who doesn't want to be outed."