Caprice Bourret blames arrest on bad breath

Model Caprice Bourret has claimed a prescription drug and her bad breath were instrumental in her London arrest last year on charges of drunk driving. Sky News reported the fashion model`s lawyer, Nick Freeman, reinforced comments made by his client that her arrest last December for drunk driving was solely the result of 'alcohol halitosis' - the smell of alcohol on her breath - and her body`s reactions to a prescription drug she was taking. 'There is a total absence of any suggestion of intoxication in this case.' Freeman said in a London court this week. Freeman alleged that the 34-year-old model had been taking the antibiotic Cipro for a urinary infection and the drug had a direct effect on her body`s ability to cope with wine she has admitted drinking prior to driving.
The network said Bourret, who tested at one-and-a-half times the legal alcohol limit for driving on Dec. 10, will hear the results of her case Friday when District Judge Emma Arbuthnot delivers her verdict.