Candice Swanepoel\'s new Victoria\'s Secret shooting ends in the Caribbean waters.

Candice Swanepoel knows how to end a swimwear shooting in style! After modelling Victoria's Secret sexy swimsuits for the label's new catalogue under St. Barts' sun, the South-African model treated herself with a revigorating dive into the inviting Caribbean Sea.
Effortlessly stunning, Candice showed modelling is like breathing to her. Even when the Victoria's Secret team wrapped shooting for the day, she kept all the glamour and grace of her job in every move she made. She's a natural!

The blonde bombshell spent the last few days on a frenesi of colourful, fun and sexy bikinis, stricking her best poses at the sound of reggae. Admitting she canĀ“t be on set without a soundtrack, she told she prefers being a photogenic Angel to doing the Victoria's Secret runway shows: "shoots are more relaxed and I get to hang with the crew. I love the show but it's nerve racking".

That revelation was part of a questions and answers session on Twitter on Monday, where she also urged a fan to quit starvation as a dieting method: "That will make matters worse.Don't do that. Eat as healthy as you can, lots of greens. But listen to your body and your cravings... Natural products, loads of exercise and veggies. Protein. Your body is a machine. Learn the right way to take care of it".