Book Review: Fashion Illustration 1930 to 1970 by Marnie Fogg

The book features some of the most stunning collection of fashion illustrations of a decade ago and it showcases more than 200 iconic images published between 1930 to 1970. The world of fashion illustration has seen a sensational renaissance in the last five years and today´s fashion illustrators will find inspiration from the designs of decades ago contained within this book.

This volume features the best fashion illustration captured in Harper´s Bazaar magazine from 1930 to 1970. The magazine has been one of the leaders of fashion since the 19th century and it comes as no surprise that this magazine showcases the best of the art form. The book includes artwork from Jean Cocteau, Leon Benigni and Jane Bixby.

The author, Marnie Fogg, is a media consultant who works on all aspects of the fashion industry. She has a master´s degree in Art and Design Advanced Practice and Theory. Her other books are: Boutique: A 60s Cultural Phenomenon and Print in Fashion.

This book is a must have if you work with crayons, traditional pencils, watercolours or digital pens. Fashion illustrators will find inspiration from the stunning images contained within the book.

Fashion Illustration 1930 to 1970 by Marnie Fogg
Publication Date: September 6, 2010
Price: US$ 29.95 | GBP 17.99
208 pages with 250 illustrations, 246 x 189 mm
ISBN: 9781906388812
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T. J. Mueller