Bar Refaeli admits that she has men problems.

Say it isn´t so Bar!

The Israeli beauty and Maxim 100´s hottest Woman of the year admitted to Conan O´Brian during an interview that, “I don´t get hit on by guys. No one flirts with me.”

The 26 year old beauty appeared on Conan O´Brian´s Tuesday night show wearing a stunning little black dress showing lots of leg and gold cuff bracelets on each wrist. Her signature long blond voluminous tresses were left framing a gorgeous face and that oh-so-perfect smile was back on her face. Looking at that picture of “hotness” it is hard to believe that no one hits on her.

She claimed that she doesn´t have men falling over their feet to date her. The former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio told Conan that she looks for certain things in men. “Of course, there´s the obvious things. I want him to be sweet and kind and have values and morals.”

Hmmm… there more Bar? She admitted that there is a specific feature she always looks for in a man. “The first thing I notice is his teeth. I have a fetish. I like a great smile and really white, bright teeth.”

In another interview she said that the honor of being Maxim Mag´s hottest woman will help her find a mate she can settle down with and start a family with. Is there more Bar? She continued, “I´m looking for a friend that will make me laugh, that will teach me every day – that I can learn from and that has the same values as me. It sounds very simple but it´s very hard to find.”

We agree, that´s a long list. Any takers out there? Men, pay a visit to your dentist first before putting in your bids.

T. J. Mueller