Adriana Lima travels to Haiti with Donna Karan


With the Victoria's Secret runway show rapidly approaching you would think that Adriana Lima, one of the Angels that will be walking the show would only be preparing for that right now. Being the superstar model that she is, she is shooting for designer Donna Karan. Adriana and the team, along with Donna Karan all traveled to Haiti for the exciting shoot. Fashionologie was able to share behind the scenes pictures of the team in Haiti. The shoot was by Russell James, famous Victoria's Secret photographer centered around different parts of Haiti, and along the coastline. By the looks of the shots we've seen, it looks like Donna, Adriana, and the whole team are having a great time doing the shoot. Adriana is probably enjoying this relaxing trip, even if it is for work before the immensely stressful week that she has coming up in preparation for the Victoria's Secret runway show including final fittings, rehearsals, interviews, and much more.