Fashion Columnist
Susanne Maier
A fashion allround talent. Susanne's expertise of fashion and writing is definitely a precious additon to our masthead.
For Susanne, fashion depends on your own view of the world. It has a thousand meanings and is a miracle - a miracle that cast a spell over her.
It was Susanne's personal impulse for determining to start a study in the fashion section , when she decided to spend her future career with this miracle.
Therefore, she has found herself in Amsterdam, as a second year International Fashion and Management student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.
Creativity, ingeniosity and a free spirit always were her passion. Susanne's inspiration derives from photography, writing, design, visual arts, cultures, travelling, music and the small things in daily life.

Her experience covers a quite broad range of different activities. Besides an internship in product design at a company called "Leon Design" and a short Media design and journalism placement, both in Germany, she worked temporarily at the PR and marketing agency "The X-Factor" in Amsterdam in her leisure time.
She mostly assisted in visual merchandising by showcasing the showroom.
Since December 2013, she started working in market analysis, customer acquisition, marketing and sales for establishing the Dutch market for the young German brand "von Jungfeld".
In October 2013, Susanne joined the FMD as a fashion columnist with far reaching competencies.

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