InStyle korea is a magazine recognized as a most successful case of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through a filter called ‘star’.

InStyle korea is a licensed magazine for women between the ages of 25 and 35, who are urban, stylish and enjoying New Yorkers’ lifestyles.

Average number of pages_350pWith InStyle korea’s unique concept of covering the fashion, beauty and lifestyles of celebrities, it satisfies readers’ curiosity on the stars’ human side and their private lives.

InStyle korea has kept its guiding principle, “to show the most attractive and beautiful celebrities and their stories with essential information” since its release in

March 2003. Rooted in the global media group, Time Inc., InStyle korea has positioned itself as a unique licensed magazine as it takes In Style US’s core strengths and at the same time localizes it for korean tastes. Coverage on New Yorkers’ chic lifestyles, up-to-date and detailed information, and features of celebrities’ daily lives seen from diverse perspectives are part of attractions provided by 『InStyle korea』. Because InStyle korea is based on thorough research and analysis on what people in metropolitan cities desire the most, the readers can enjoy satisfaction to the fullest.

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